20 Gorgeous Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad has over the years managed to be one of the few celebrities who can boast of never having the crisis of a bad hair-do. Normally we should focus on what she is wearing, what ‘s happening in her relationship and other things that might surround her personal life. Here we will be taking a close look at some of the gorgeous hairstyles she has rocked to award ceremonies, Movie premieres, and other high profile events.

GLENDALE, CA - SEPTEMBER 08: Lauren Conrad attends LC Lauren Conrad Runway Pop-Up Shop at the Americana at Brand on September 8, 2016 in Glendale, California. (Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Caruso Affiliated )

It doesn’t matter whether you are more beautiful that Lauren or you are not, it is a known fact that you cannot but find one or two things you can learn from her amazing choice of hairstyles. You can draw inspiration from the list of Lauren Conrad hairstyles that we have listed below and form your own unique style.


1. Loose Ponytail- Lauren Conrad hairstyles

This style by Lauren Conrad is perfect if you want a chic look thanks to the side-swept ponytail. It is quite easy to replicate especially if you have long hair like Lauren Conrad, give your hair a side part and make a ponytail swept to the side also. To give the style a more natural look, blow the tail freely and you are DONE!


2. Ombre Waves- Long Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren opts for a long lovely ombre hairdo here. She mixes some really similar colors in the perfect way, some nice dark roots, and a golden tone which progress into a bright blonde tone. Since this is a long hairstyle, you can make the blonde ends curly by making use of an iron curler. You can do this at home for yourself because it isn’t complicated in any way.


3. Messy Updo- Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

We all know that a messy updo can generate the best trendy look if done properly. Lauren does this well here by packing her hair to the back of her head in a loose manner while allowing a messy collection of hair strands flap on her face. Your choice of color should be based on your skin tone.


4. Textured Double Braid- Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Great style for blonde women, it is both casual and formal and can be a perfect fit any occasion. Lauren Packs all of her hair to the back in a nice manner and braids them in two layers one on the top of the other. They are quite big, so you need to take note of that if you want to replicate the style.


5. Classic Bun- Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

This is not the typical Bun we all know because it is quite voluminous and bigger than the ones we are used to seeing. All locks are also part of the classic bun, and it carries a slight golden color different from that of the rest of the hair.


6. Half up and Half Down- Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

This trendy look has it’s usual center parting and the half packed hair to back forms the half up and the remaining part of the hair progress right from under it down to her shoulders. The color is blonde for Lauren but other colors can work also, the nice curls at the end of the hair can be made using nice rollers.


7. Cheerful Curls- Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Wonderful cheerful looks can be achieved with some nice curls at the end of the long hairstyles with a nice careful side parting. The hair has a mixture of dark shades, and golden tones. Ensure you carefully blow-out the ends of the hair.


8. Voguish Braids- Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

The two classic braids here can add elegance and style to any outfit and give it an overall stunning look.


9. Partly Pinned Curls- Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

This for women with long hair, all you have to do is pin up a small section of hair to either side of the face. Curls at the ends of the hair are important.


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